1. With all this talk about the different leathers, I thought it would be really helpful to know exactly what is required to maintain your bags. For instance, how often do you send your bag to Hermes for a "spa" treatment? How much is typical maintenance???

    Any information would be appreciated!:flowers:
  2. Do you need a proof of purchase or what to get the spa treatment on a bag? a bag might be given to youfrom a relative and it is really old.What are you suppose to do?
  3. no proof of purchase needed for spa treatment. They do not ask where you bought the bag unless they are suspicous of it. Just say what everyone says, My husband purchased it for me.

    Spa treatments are done once a year or if you have a accident with the bag.
  4. i was advised to bring mine in every 3 years. my bag is clemence. i don't do anything inbetween reconditioning.
  5. If there are no craftsmen in your country, the boutique will send it to Paris, right? Ugh, can't imagine losing my bag for months!
  6. What is required for box???
  7. Ooh jag, are you thinking of a Birkin in box??
  8. I take in my box bags no more than once every-other year, I like the texture and patina box develops, I do not want to loose that... and the "spa" does smooth/clean it up alot.:flowers:
  9. box birkins...a leather-lovers delight!!!!
  10. ^^Lol! I'm thinking a box Kelly next... :love:

    A little OT, but does chamonix also develop a patina like box?
  11. I am always torn! I think I want a birkin in togo and a Kelly in box! But of course, it all depends what is available when it is time to make my move:graucho::P
  12. I think it is a little different... the scratches show less. :s but the overall shade gets darker,...(from what I have seen) I want a chamonix kelly in the 32 cm soupple:love: with...pall:heart: :P
  13. Well IF you were only able to get one of each...(and I think over time you will end up with manny!:yes: )...then that is what I would do... the FIRST birkin in togo, and the FIRST kelly in box!:flowers: ...after that..:nuts: :yahoo: whatever strikes your fancy!
  14. Thanks avandome!!! I do have another qn about chamonix but I think I'd better stop stealing thread and start a new one, lol!
  15. Thanks Avandome! I think you are so right! I am leaning towards a gold togo birkin and either black or chocolate box kelly!:heart: And what comes after that is anyone's guess!!!!:lol::angel: