Maintenance Questions

  1. I am wondering about white stiching (on gold togo) - is it easy to maintain? does it get dirty easily? if dirty, can it be saved by the spa?

    Also, the handles on a gold togo birkin - can it be cleaned easily? do you see a lot of discoloration (darker handles) over time?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. I remember this talk on another thread...can't look for it now, but I will. Do a search if you can.
  3. fopduck,
    mine first child is as fabulous as ever!!! (pix on members' items' thread courtesy of shopmom. she is a toddler about sheesh i cant remember her exact age- what a bad mommy i am!!!!! a 2000 i think...and yes, when u get to my age, this is normal! even with Hermes! for me anyway lol.
    gold togo with white stitching..
  4. Yep! That's a beautiful bag, Arcangel has there.......six years old Angie and are the handles where you hold it discolored in any way?
  5. J, i don't have any problems with white stitching discolorations - the handles of my gold togo just have a slight darkened tint but it's just on the underside and it's not obvious! and that's my first ever birkin! (a picture of it is in the hermes items thread)....

    good to see you're back! just back from vacation?
  6. arcangel - That's good to know! Your gold Kelly is a beauty!

    pazt - Thx! Yup, just got back from vacation and finally settled back into routine (aka the PF)! :P