maintenance over! back to hanging out @ tpf!!

  1. Phew i'm sure glad the maintenance is over and Vlad is done adding more hamsters to tpf's infrastructure.

    VLAD: I didn't know it was hamsters that made tpf work!! you sure have some hardworking reliable hamsters!!!:graucho:
  2. me too.
  3. lol, I loved the hamster pic, that was too cute!
  4. yup it was cute but i was like Grrr i wanna get on tpf!!

    how bad is that ?? :shrugs:

    Totally addicted.....:shame:
  5. I was like: :wtf:AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! what is that hamster doing there??

    I couldn't read Vlad's thread in time because of the time-difference. I live at +1 GMT.

    thank god the maintenance is over! l:heart: ve this forum!
  6. whew thank God!! I just walked into work wondering what I was gonna do with my time!...I mean come on, do actual work...:p

    Thanks a bunch, Vlad!!!
  7. maintenance was a lot longer today, right?
  8. Heheheh I actually missed Vlad's annoucement so I'm glad it was a friendly looking hamster that appeared and not the fashionable skull design that is oh-so-popular these days. that would have tottally freaked me out:yucky:

    :heart:tpf too!

    ppl must think we're nuts:hrmm:

    it's okay, we can just keep it in the family :idea: