Maintenance of snake skin handbag - how?

  1. Sorry if this was posted before, I searched and couldn't find it... mods, if so please pm me the thread and delete this one. ty

    I bought a snakeskin handbag in 1981 and it still looks good but wondering if time to "refurbish?" how is this done? I'm afraid it may start cracking from dryness soon. not a Hermes so can't take it to Hermes spa.

  2. I had a snakeskin clutch that belonged to my mother. It was probably from the mid 1960s. I loved to use it whenever I could. It started peeling and the skins flaked off. I was mortified (a) because it happened at an event and I was very self conscious of it and (b) I knew it was because it was not properly stored. I know I can't have it fixed because it is too far gone.
    I have two more alligator handbags in the house and CANNOT find them to save my life (Mom's and Grandmother's) I know if I ever do find them, they will be in awful condition. I would call a cobbler and ask them if there is anything you can do to store your bag appropriately. I wouldn't be surprised if they tell you to store it like a fur coat.
    Good luck --
  3. dko makes a reptile conditioner that might help.
  4. thanks a bunch! i'll check out DKO.
  5. Cole Haan also makes an exotics conditioner. You can get it in their stores.
  6. I just checked my bottle and it is DYO reptile conditioner not DKO. Sorry, the memory is not what it used to be.