Maintenance of gold hardware on Kelly/Birkin

  1. How do you remove the oxidation formed on the gold hardware of the metal plates on the straps of your Kelly or Birkin without putting hairline scratches on the surface? Can you please recommend a non-abrasive product? It seems palladium finish does not have this issue.

  2. Use a jeweller's polishing cloth.

    It works miracles with my oxidised jewellery, the stuff I chuck in the back of the safe and forget for a few years.

    Sorry, I don't know where to buy it though. My jeweller just does it for me, which is another excuse for me to keep dropping in.
  3. I agree with the jewellery cleaning cloth.

    I have used before(and don't beat me up for it!LOL)....... Brasso. The results came out well.
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  4. Thank you for the tip wrongnumber and Eric Fam. The beauty of palladium finish is that it is like platinum which does not oxidize like yellow gold.
  5. You can buy a jeweller's cloth (or silver cleaning cloth) in any jewellery store. I use mine on all metals (gold, silver, stainless steel) and the results are very pleasing indeed.
  6. I assume that the suggested methods also work on cadenas?
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  7. :yes:
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  8. Thanks, AuthenticLux!