Maintenance of Delightful GM ?

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  1. First LV arrived yesterday and I'm not sure what is the best method of maintenance for this type bag.

    Are any particular products preferred to keep the exterior in tip top shape? Anything to be really cautious of? Rain etc? Ways to have the leather turn a nice patina without any irregularities? I keep all makeup/pens/perfumes in plastic zippy bags in all of my bags so I am not so worried of the interior.

    I scrolled through quite a few threads but figured it would be easier to ask the question directly for this particular bag than piece meal the answer.

    Thanks in advance for any tips and pointers.

  2. I returned my Delightful GM today it had a defect so they gave me credit for a new bag. The side chaps stitching caused the canvas to crack and spread. My SA told me it would happen again to get a different bag so I got the Tivoli GM instead. I already miss my Delightful.
  3. Omg! What youmean it had a defect?? Oh no :sad: may i ask what happen? I love mine :sad:
  4. The side chaps "leather pieces" on the side of the bag that are sewn to the monogram canvas and hold the gold ring is where the problem was. The the hole created by the stitching that went into the monogram canvas started spreading into a big crack like hole. It was really depressing. I never put heavy things in my bag I babied it and carried it not often the leather was still a pale tan that is why the gave me credit because even though I bought it a long time ago it looked new and even better than the display in the store.
  5. That's depressing.. Thank goodness they did give you credit.
  6. chapping on a delightful? Not another style NOOOOOO!
  7. glad you got credit though!