Maintenance of Brass Studs

  1. Hi Everyone,

    For those of you who own a Kooba with brass studs on them (e.g., Claudia, Lucy, Marcelle, etc.), is there any way you can maintain its signature antiqued look?

    Some of the studs on my black Claudia bag have become shiny and gold from constant contact, and I'd like to restore it to its original antiqued look. I guess the shininess is especially noticeable on the black background.

    Does anyone have any tips on this? Has anyone tried to deal with this through repair?

    Thanks in advance! ;)
  2. Gosh. I'm not sure - sorry not to be more of a help...I've never had that happen. I've heard complaints about the brass sometimes oxidizing into black spots on the hardware but that's about it.
    I'm sure someone will chime in! ;)
  3. Thanks, jchiara!

    I might try q-tips on one or two studs with antiquing solution...