maintenance free wallets?

  1. So i've been toying around with the idea of getting a vernis wallet, but am afraid of the color transfer and dirt marks...elegant yet durable, worry free wallet? (one that I won't be afraid to actually use, or just throw in my bag without worrying about stains, etc)

  2. Something in Monogram or Damier. I love the zippy coin purse, or the koala.
  3. as per the koala, i hear it tarnishes really fast.?:s
  4. anything in epi, monogram or damier would definitely be fuss-free!

    PS. i would worry about the clasp on the koala getting scratched. perhaps the french purse, zippy, snapped billfold & similar would be more ideal?
  5. Any mono wallet would be great. I have the double sided full wallet which has 6 credit card slots, one side is a coin compartment, then there is also a bill compartment and then 2 other compartments. I also have an accordeon wallet which is a longer wallet. It is slimmer (not as high as the pochette or international wallet) and it comes with a chain so it can be a clutch as well. I use to have the koala wallet but I prefer a slimmer wallet once filled with all my stuff and the koala seemed to be a very thick wallet to me. Anything in damier or mono would be worry-free, just throw it in your bag and you are set. I have seen a number of vernis wallets on eBay where the edging of the leather peeled. I do not know if the owners were careless with them or not, but I am like you, I really do not want to be worrying about my wallet, for I already baby my bag as it is!!!
  6. if you dont want a mono or damier wallet then you could consider a black epi or red epi wallet. epi has always been a very durable leather for me and I have a zippy wallet in the epi. the wallet is super user friendly, durable, and stylish.
  7. I agree, anything in Monogram or Damier. I've used my Damier French Purse since last summer and it is pretty much a throw-around wallet! It still looks pretty much NEW!
  8. i would go for a pochette portemonaie in damier!
    i have the PP in multicolor and i LOVE it but i do see some bits of color chipping off :sad:
    but i have been using it every day since august 11 2006 so it's not that bad ;)
  9. i have red epi pochette wallet and i love it, i've used it everyday since august last year and it still smells new :smile: (yes, i do sniff my LVs)
  10. LV wallets are made to last.

    I have been using my suhali blue compact for 3-4 years? The 4 gold brass corners are still shiny even though I know it has been abused by me. I swear my next wallet would still be a suhali.
  11. I have a red epi koala. It has silver clasp and has never scratched. It is in constant use daily and still looks great.

  12. Definately mono or damier.. they are the most durable textiles in my opinion. They only get better with age.

    I have the black MC french purse.. it's my only wallet, I have been using it non stop for over 2 years and it still looks new. So if you are looking for a bit more pop than just mono or damier.. MC is a good alternative.
  13. epi is really nice and super durable.
  14. Taiga from the men's line is also nice
  15. I think you should go with monogram or damier, carefree and durable.