Maintainence for Patent Bays

Feb 18, 2010
Anyone experienced any problem with it?

I love my Patent Bays but I discovered little dented marks on the surface and the bag seems to be flattened due to my arm resting on the bag when I carry it ( I do stuff it with paper when not in use).

I am considering Esquire Patent Cleaner for it, any one has any advice?:smile:


Sep 12, 2008
Hi, I do have several Patent bays & the flaps do crease but I don't have 'dent' as such... Perhaps you can post the pics?

As for 'flatten' part, I actually prefer it but that's down to personal preference. I don't treat my Patent Bays, just wipe them and all is well :smile:

Let us know about Esquire Patent Cleaner!

Mulberry Ellie

'Ells Bells!!!
Feb 15, 2009
Please don't use any of the Patent care products that contain alcohol or solvent - this will ultimately dry out the leather.

Leather manufacturers recommend petroleum jelly and lots of buffing..........this wasnt supposed to sound like a porn film voice over!
Feb 18, 2010
Thanks for the replies ladies. I am travelling at the moment and can only post picture when I get home in about 2 weeks.

Ellie: You are hilarious!:lol:

Oh, I did not know there is a special Colonil product for Patent leather.. maybe that may be better than Esquire since Mulberry seems to endorse Colonil.... hmm decisions decisions...