Maintaince of MJ bag shapes

Nov 24, 2006
Hi! I have only just purchased my very first MJ bag-the venetia in berry, and I am wondering if the shape will stay. When I looked on eBay to get an idea of the styles/colors I want, I saw quite a few MJ bags that are just entirely deformed. Is there a way to maintain their original shape or is deformation just bound to happen at some point because of the MJ bag's weight? Does the same happen to other designer items? I have only a Prada and a Fendi bag other than the MJ venetia, but they have held up pretty well. Please let me know. Thank you very much for your time!


Shopping's My Cardio
Aug 27, 2006
i would just keep them stuffed with the original tissue paper (it's acid-free) when not in use, and in a box, if possible. i always request a gift box that the bag can fit into if the original box from the designer isn't available.

also, if the box will allow, i store them so they're standing up....not always possible, but ideal IMO.

HTH :smile:


Aug 2, 2006
^Yup..Me too..I do the same thing with my shoes...Everything is restuffed and put back in the box(es)....It takes an extra minute or two but def is worth it and preserves the shape of the bag...:heart: Emmy