Maine Coons:

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  1. My maine coon cat is kinda a wierdo, if you all haven't caught that already.

    he's PARTICULARLY needy. that's okay tho. my roommate doesn't think so when he starts suckling and whining to him when i'm not home tho. i spend ALL of my free time with my cat so he's NOT attention deprived by any means.

    He's not 100% maine coon but im 99% sure he's over 75%. his father is 100% huge black maine coon with a lion nose that he (YAY) passed on to my kitty. his mother is a calico maine coon mix.

    i'd like to know all that anyone can tell me about raising a maine coon. i had one when i was a kid but he was an outdoor cat and a hunter at that. he could entertain himself more so then my cat who lives inside. my cat also has his claws, which i do NOT want to remove (even though he's destroying furniture!) and he's not neutered yet... which i know i HAVE to do, but i really don't want to.

    my cat has a character i dont' want to alter. i just want to know what everyone thinks. he's an all around good kitty with a few bad moments (lol... look the threads up) but they are a few i can deal with i suppose. spraying or peeing on things is NOT one thing i can tolerate so hopefully when he got his lil nose in his own mess after doing it RIGHT in front of the roomie and i on the FaGucci, he'll curb it till i figure out what to do.

    i've given him his own blanket, and attend to him constantly.

    anything anyone could tell me about how they raise their maine coons or how they interact with them ESPECIALLY indoor cats would be appreciated.

    a few pics i took today and yesterday are included below, and one last shot of him and the FaGucci i took a few days ago before he destroyed it for good!

    the following window is right next to where i sit, next to the computer.

    under my desk watching me before work next to my coach mini tote and my feet:

    watching me TPF:

    watching his cat grass grow on our porch (my OLD car in the pic hehe, that's Betty Breeze, i gave her to my roomie! the cat grass is in the big green thingy on the ground):

    Betty Breeze in the background (stinking vehicle), and him just propping himself on the arm of the chair, looking at me and purring:

    hahaha, that's a few nights ago him ripping it to shreds... it's in the trash now... peed on... ugh:

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  2. It might not be the breed, it might just be a needy animal. I have one that is always at my feet needing attention, he needs to be everywhere in my face. Just how he's always been... and unfortunately at 5 yrs old, I'm not too confident he'll ever change. When I give him more attention than my other cats then he gets mad and hisses and tries to attack my feet when I leave to go do something else... so I just treat him equally and deal with the fact that he's super needy. Lol, sorry I don't have any real advice... maybe look up some info on Maine Coons and see if others experience that or if somewhere in general there is some info on attention hogging cats!
  3. lol at least he hasn't gotten to the point that he attacks my feet~!
  4. I know nothing about Maine coons except that they grow into ginormous cats!
  5. yeah he's effin huge. and he's only a bout 5-6 months old... i heard they don't mature till they're like 4 years old........................ :wtf:
  6. Yes... mine is quite the character! He'll seriously bite my feet so I don't leave him to play with another cat or leave to do something else. He is a really strange cat and the whole attacking my feet is just the tip of the iceberg. They all just have their own personalities. Seeing that yours is so young, hopefully he'll mellow out a little bit and calm down!

    I just noticed you said he's not neutered yet... you should get it done soon. I know I was away at school when my mom was takin care of the already mentioned annoying cat! And typically I took care of the vet appointments, well, the vet never mentioned to her that it was time to get him neutered and the cat started spraying EVERYWHERE...then the vet said we waited too long to get him neutered (umm... thanks for not bringing up to my mom!) but he also might calm down after that is done as well. But I'd really hate for you to have to deal with the possibilty of spraying.
  7. Your kitty looks similar to my Betty! Betty is super needy always sits by my feet while I'm at my desk. She is a huge, older (senior), indoor cat who has lived with me for 8 years. I took her in because her owner was giving her away. Betty was stressed with her boyfriend's young cat, so she moved in with me.

    She's the best kitty ever! She's very 'talkative', cries when she is alone or thinks she is alone, is super picky with cat food (same brand always but prefers triangle pieces vs. pellets), and has never, ever been outdoors. She is terrified of the outdoors and even windows on occasions. She does not visit with people and tolerates my BF.

    What is your cat's name? He is so cute!
  8. i dont' want him to spray dude, but i don't want to chop his nuts off. i kinda wanted to breed him (thats out of the question in this house cuz my WHORE female got out and got knocked up b4 he was ready... betch) and also, i think his "nuts" add to his personality. if he gets his personality on my couch i'll freak LOL....

    i know i know, spay and neuter... ugh.

    his name is Booey!
  9. I have heard from numerous people that once neutered, they calm down some.

    If he he is scratching and destroying furniture, there are sprays and covers that you can put on furniture to stop that. Also try teaching him to use a scratching box or post.

    My sister has a maine coon and he's very well behaved. He likes toys on strings, ropes (we braid several strands of chenille yarn) and being chased around.

    If he's not 100% pure bred, there is no point in breeding him IMO..and even when an animal is 100%, I don't see the point. There a so many animals in shelters that need homes.
  10. Hi!!
    Congrats on your gorgeous cat!!
    I have a Maine Coon too (this white fluffy huge lion on my signature), and he is just like yours. He needs atention, but not too much. I think your kitty will calm down when you neuter him (wait four months or something, but DO IT). He will get even bigger! Get ready for that!! He will be growing for the next three years (don't worry, he'll grow slowly). Maine Coon cats are dog-cats. They enjoy following you arround and "participate" in whatever you're doing! But if you thin it's too much and you can't bear it for the rest of his life (in case he doesn't change), I'd consider getting a pall for him! They will entertain themselves while you're not at home, and your black diamond won't feel anole at all, and will divide his "needs"! ;)
  11. well we need to get him neutered so his interaction with our female doesn't involve the humpity. lmao...

    i can handle it. he's a good kitty. :love: thanks for all your great advice :yes:
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