Main reason for selling your Chanel bag?

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  1. :tdown:The reason I ask this is because my guy rang me today, all the way from Iraq to wish me Happy Anniversary of the day we met! :heart: I feel sky high everytime I hear from him and especially today, since I met him I'm the happiest I have ever been so I don't care a stitch that I will be off loading afew of my Chanel bags to buy a wedding dress :yahoo:

    What is your main reason for selling your Chanel bags?
  2. ^ awwww! i'm so happy for you!

    the main reason why i ever will sell my bags (that's if i can bear to let go of my bags) will be for funding reasons. :push:
  3. congratulations! you sound so happy!

    I'm a real impulse buyer, so often I buy things and they sit in the cupboard for ages and ages... a lot of the stuff i sell has never even been taken out of the shopping bag LOL

    Other times, I will use a bag or wear a piece of clothing and all day i sit there thinking "i look like an idiot, what was i thinking...?!" And that's how i know it's time to sell!
  4. I would say the same reasons as ladydeluxe. If I really needed the money I would.
    Any chance you'll be selling your red e/w? ;)
  5. ^ LOL!! me too!! any chance of letting go of the union jack flap?? lol! (psstt me first on the list ;))
  6. Sorry for the thumbs down icon at the beginning of this thread, that was an accident and I can't edit it out now.
  7. Usually i will not see my chanel bags unless really no choice if i have to get some funds to buy another chanel HG bag...hehe
  8. ^ you mean sell? lol
  9. To fund more Chanel bags! :p

    Sometimes, I will be so in love with a bag and when I finally buy it and use it, it turns out not to be as functional, comfortable or as great a bag as I thought it would be. Another reason is color. I will buy a certain color to diversify my collection and end up not using it because it doesn't really go with my wardrobe. I usually know after I carry a bag one time, if it's the right bag for me. I put in a lot of thought before purchasing, but sometimes I just don't know if a bag is right for me until I actually use it. It takes me a long time to decide whether to sell or not because I hate to part with any of my bags. But when I finally decide, I end up selling the one that I use the least.
  10. Relocating
  11. I'm with designer307 ... I'm in the process of culling my collection because my taste in Chanel gets refined after every purchase. As much as I love each and every bag, I hate that I'm neglecting some of them. In my heart I know what I like and don't like.

    Plus I've run out of closet space and need to free up room for S/S08 purchases!

    Not as romantic as selling Chanel for a wedding dress (CONGRATS!) ...

  12. Same reason here:graucho: , btw congrats on your upcoming wedding:tup:
  13. I only sell a Chanel bag if Im going to be replacing it with a bigger or better version of it. For example I sold my red east west when I bought my red Jumbo. I sold my caviar clutch because I wanted a patent version, etc.
  14. i sell to fund another bag or just need the money
  15. I am the same- but now I will only buy Chanel peices that I am 100% sure of and have done my research here. I will no longer buy on impulse- because I usually regret it and end up selling it at a loss :tdown: