main reason for buying a Chanel


What is the main reson for bying a chanel

  1. The status of owning a Chanel

  2. The item itself ( design, color etc)

  3. Exclusivity and uniqueness of the item

  4. It bag of the season/ Seen on famous people

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  1. Ladies I just wanted to know what the main reason is for buying a Chanel!
  2. For me it would be for style, lengevity and quality.
  3. i voted: The item itself ( design, color etc) why??? because in your lifetime, i reckon you should have at least ONE piece of Chanel and LV!!! (and all the balenciagas you can get your hands on! :roflmfao: ) *wink* ;)
  4. LOL
  5. hmm...i don't own a chanel yet... but i'm definitely thinking about making it my next purchase. For me it's the fact that i would be owning part of a classic tradition.. a timeless, chic, elegant piece of art!
  6. I fell in love with the feel of the leather and the quilting is soooo cute!
  7. Definitely status for me. I buy the bags with CCs everywhere. I want people to know it's a chanel. Same thing goes for my glasses, jewelry, and shoes I buy from Chanel.
  8. I buy it for the look.
    In my circle of family and friends most would not know a Chanel from a regualar department store brand bag.

    The status of it is nice too. But when people don't know what you're carrying (except the SA's) then it really does not matter.

    I am just loving the look of Chanel's. I also love the fact that you don't see these bags on everyone's arms like a lot of other brands.
  9. For me, its the timelessness of Chanel. I dont mind paying 2K for a bag I can use when Im 80!
  10. I love Chanel for the item itself. Chanel is so understated and not "in your face" vs. something like LV or Dior.
  11. I voted for the bag itself, but I'm feeling a little bit of everything. I love knowing that I own Chanel products for its beauty and design. You don't see as many Chanel bags as you do Louis Vuitton. I have all different brands of designer bags, and Chanel is by far my most favorite. It not only looks great, but it will always be a classic bag to have.
  12. Me too!:yahoo:
  13. I love mine..they're different and I love the quality. I buy my Chanels for the same reasons I buy my's a great quality bag that won't go out of style in a couple weeks. You can never go wrong with a classic.
  14. You're so right about "owning part of a classic tradition.. a timeless, chic, elegant piece of art". I couldn't have said that any better. :flowers:
  15. I think the exclusivity is great too. I can be in a room full of women and most likely there wont be any other Chanel bags. Mostly LV, Gucci, Chloe, Coach. Oh, and no 8th grade girls walking around with Chanel too!