Mailman's here! My Paradiso Cial Ciao & Foresta Canguro

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  1. I can't believe my luck! The bags are awesome and if anyone remembers I got them on eBay for a bargain basement price! Here's my Paradiso Ciao Ciao ... Baby Pucca appears 3X! And Sushi boy is in FULL view! Bag is a lil scuffy but nothing a good cleaning won't do. All the hardware are in pristine condition but my qee is missing a leg. LOL~ Anyway, I'll just take it out and replace it with my Metallic Bear Qee instead.

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  2. And this is my Foresta Canguro. No Sandy on the Swing though , she got cut off. :sad: And has a blob of ink stain inside, underneath the zipper. Wonder if I can get that clean ...

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  3. congrats pinkpeony!! The ciao ciao is really pretty and the canguro is still super-cute even if Sandy is cut off.

    I remember u said you got them at an amazing price. yay!! :biggrin:
  4. Your paradiso ciao ciao is beautiful!! I'm tempted to get something in paradiso now even though babies are not my thing..
  5. Congrats!! :yahoo: They're both totally cute. How much did you get them for :shrugs:
  6. I got them both from the same seller for $97.37! :smile:

    I inspected the bag a little more and both bags bear the same inkblot inside beneath the zipper. Maybe it's the seller's mark but why o why do tht?
  7. My camo black campeggio from the SH outlet has a mark on the inside of the bag .. on the bottom. When I first saw it I thought it was blood!! lol but I guess it could be an inkblot ...
  8. The Paradiso CC still has a receipt in it!~ Funny since the bags is definitely used - It was bought from Nordstorm for $160.
  9. that's awesome... such a great deal :yes: hopefully the spot will come out tho?
  10. good deals!!! congrats! u got two of my fav's : the paradiso and canguro :smile: yay!
  11. Thanks! Wow, even my Paradiso Campeggio arrived today. Will post pics later. I am in seventh heaven today.
  12. wow..congrats pinkpeony!
  13. Anyone knows her name? She's very prominent in the Paradiso print. Do you think she's a star giver or receiver? :smile:

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  14. Great finds, pinkpeony! Weird about the ink stains--hope you can get them off!
  15. I will say she's a star receiver :P