Mailman left Speedy in the rain! Moron!

  1. I decided I needed a new Speedy 30 so my sister in law ordered some things from elux and added it to it. She sent me the bag via Priority Mail and my mailman just knocked on my door then put the box on my step. It has rained here all day and was raining when he dropped it off and the wet step. What ticks me off is that I have a huge sign on the door to leave packages at my side door (complete with nice comfy sofa and covered porch for little presents to wait for me). Luckily I was at home and got it with only a few drops on the box but what if I wasn't here and what if it "got legs" and I never got it? What a dope. Thanks for letting me air my frustration!
  2. OMG that's ridiculous!!! :cursing:
    I'd faint if I found out that the mailman left something very valuable at my doorstep...with the potential of having it stolen!!!
  3. That stinks...lucky the bag is ok..congrats for speedy
  4. I think I have gotten a few packages stolen at my new neighborhood..hmmm...

    i wish i had a sidedoor but i just have to not make plans while i'm waiting for a packaged. Thank goodness your bag was alright! :smile:
  5. i'd call your local PO and have a talk with that mailmans supervisor! That is terrible, and I'm sure they'd be concerned once they heard it was a $620 bag they left sitting out there!
  6. Don't get me started on the mailman- I think I may go postal!!!:cursing:
    I can't believe the amount of items that my postman has ruined by trying to stuff into the mailbox when it clearly states DO NOT FOLD.. because he was to darn lazy to walk it to the door. He's run into the mailbox which is encased in bricks. When he finally decides to walk his lazy but to the door to drop off a package he never checks the mailbox for outgoing mail. It can sit there for days..and god forbid if you happen to be walking your dog when he rounds the corner you need to run for the hills- this dude's on speed I swear he hauls butt in the neighborhood.
    Christmas cookies for him- NOT!!

    See I went postal and forgot to congratulate you on your new handbag!!

  7. LOL, I called yelling like a nut and a half. Of course theymade some goofy excuses and I was like, it's the same guy (cause I saw him a few houses down when I got to the door-too far to give him a piece of my mind today-wait til tomorrow) sometimes he brings things to the side (so he knows) and sometimes he doesn't. Plus the sign is so huge my neighbor across the road can read it! LOL Then again, it also read no soliciting and someone is always ringing my bell to sell me something.
    Anyway, it's ok and I am loving the smell. Thanks!
  8. Yeah!
    The two LV magazines that my cousin sent me from Hong Kong nearly got ruined because the mailman stuffed it into our mail box!
    For us, our mail box isn't located right outside our door; there's like a big mail box divided into little individual compartments, one for each household, and it's located at a location that's close to everyone's house (1 min walk from my house). Anyway, I'd say that thing is about 6" x 6" x 12" and the mailman STUFFED our dad got a cut on his finger pulling the magazines out of the compartment!
    The least that the mailman could've done is put it into the parcel compartment (much larger than the individual ones) and drop the key into our mailbox!! :cursing: :cursing:
  9. I'm glad you were home to get it and your bag is ok.
  10. :roflmfao:

    Glad everything worked out ok!
  11. Oh man!:cursing: Im so glad your speedy is O.K. what a dork!
  12. For USPS.. they have lost one of my packages.. a Juicy Couture top..and they refused to do anything about it *sigh*, and UPS doesn't care.. they ring the bell and leave. Luckily someone is always home...

    I know how you feel BrodiesLVMama!!!!
  13. At least you were home and able to grab the package right away! Congrats on the new speedy too!
  14. I've started having everything shipped to my husband at work (I can't receive packages at work). I hate the way they ring the bell and leave. I live in a nice neighborhood, but you never know who is driving through the neighborhood during the day, possibly seeing a nice big box on the porch.

    I'm glad your bag is okay. I have to say, my mailman is too lazy to walk to the house. If we do get a package through regular mail, he puts a note in the mailbox and the package has to be picked up at the post office.
  15. I'm just glad the bag is okay. :yes: