Mailing Perfume Q: What's the worst that can happen?

  1. What is the worst that can happen if you are sending perfume and you claim that the contents in the package has nothing "flammable"?

    I like using the Electronic machine bc it's FASTER and never a line... but the thing is that it asks u if there is anything flammable etc etc in ur package and if u say YES, it will decline processing any postage n tell u to go to the counter.

  2. i think you have to send ground or something, right? for anything flammable?
  3. ooppss... to answer your question, i guess if you say that there is nothing flammable and something goes wrong, maybe you can get in trouble....

  4. lol crap!

    maybe if worst case scenario..ill just be like " me no speak english?'


  5. Lol @ " On a purse ban til 2010"

    haha that was cute.

  6. I mean, hairspray is flammable?! I dunno.. I would just ask the people, say you are mailing perfume. I don't think they really mean perfume when they say that, but I am really tired and having a brain fart day- so maybe?!

  7. Yes, perfume is considered flammable. heheh..My friend mailed me a bday presnt last yr n kept me guessing by only tellin me that it can only be shipped ground.
  8. LOL.... i was planning on doing that last time I got pulled over.....
  9. It may be that I'm up late, but what isn't flamable? lol Sorry, back on topic.
  10. I think everything that has alcohol is flammable, no?

    A purse can be flammable.

    lol I think what they mean is stuff that are toxic, flammable, etc etc..

    Like if u were mailign some filled lighters, they would REALLY need to know that!
  12. flammable liquids (b/c of the alcohol content) like perfume is consider a dangerous goods by the FAA. Only a limited amount is allow for each person to carrry on a aircraft.

    I guess shipping company doesn't want to take the responsibly of these dangerous good items that's why they will not ship it. If anything bad was to happen b/c of these dangerous goods they will be held responsible.
  13. I declare it as perfume, and still ship it via air. So far, nothing has happened (knock on wood). My friends all get their perfume presents safe and sound. Or maybe I'm lucky? Wrap and buffer well and nothing will happen.