Mailing Exotic H Bags Oversea

  1. I'm sure some of the members here have done it before. Which courier did you use for mailing exotic (ostrich in this case) H bags oversea? Also, did you declare the full value and insure it in full when you do so?

    I'm thinking of mailing my bag oversea to SG. I want to declare the actual value and insure it in full but that would mean the recipient (my SO) will have to pay the duty for it, right?

    The thing is, this is personal effects so it shouldn't be billed. How did you ladies go about it?

    I would use it as a carry-on except I have something else that I'm carrying onboard ... Plus if I do carry that bag on board with me, I probably won't be able to sleep throughout my 24 hr flight.

    ETA: Forgot to mention, I'll be sitting Y-Class (the smallest seat) and the flight was totally packed. Therefore, I won't even have room to put my bag ...
  2. Kou, I would carry it with me on the flight, even if it meant no sleep for 24 hours!
  3. I would carry it on the flight!!!
  4. Carry it! Don't want to risk having it lost or delayed or searched by customs!
  5. I would only ship it if you're willing to risk paying a huge duty or it possibly being lost. It may never happen, but how would you feel if it did? If you're okay with that...I myself would carry it with me and put it under my seat (protected of course in a sleeper bag) or on the floor under a blanket. Too risky to ship it.
  6. Are you kidding me? Bring it w/ you. I'd be a nervous wreck if I mailed it overseas.
  7. Tuck that beauty in its sleeper when you get onboard, and then right under the seat in front of you. And take it with you when you leave your seat. Shipping overseas might be fine, and might be a horror. Why take that chance?
  8. I would def. carry it with you and have the other bag shipped Kou!
  9. If the bag was purchased in SG and you have the receipt to prove it, you won't pay duty (at least that is the case with FedEx). If that is not the case, you, or whoever receives the bag, will have to pay through the nose (if you declare the full value). Also, make sure you check with SG border authorities if ostrich is allowed into the country before you ship it and declare it on the declaration form.
  10. Ladies, thank you for the input!

    I guess in this case, I won't be taking the bag with me to Singapore ... Now I just need to find a place to store my bag while I'm away ...
  11. I'll look after it!
  12. Kou,

    i'm located in singapore, technically any items above SGD400 that is shipped into singapore, you'll need to pay for the 5%GST (goods & services tax).

    i just received my bag from a reseller, it was shipped out from japan. the reseller declared the value of USD2600 for insurance purposes and that it was a used bag. Surprisingly, i didn't have to pay any customs duty. The bag was delivered right to my doorstep.

    My sister, however, was informed that her package was stuck at customs. she bought along one of her old hermes receipts and showed it to the officer in charge. she also opened the package to show that the bag wasn't new. she ended up not paying for customs duty either.
  13. Yup that what i would do!
  14. I would carry it with me as well....that is why H should make a binding locking mechanism so when asleep we can be notified if someone is rifling throught our bag.
    Like a Birkin Viper alarm... :boxing:
  15. Are you kidding? Don't let that bag out of your sight. I'd be worried sick the entire time that bag was being shipped... I'm not even sure I would trust someone else to carry it overseas for me.