Mail out from outlets under threat

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  1. Just back from a very pleasant trip to Shepton - had to bribe boys (cost me almost £20 in the cafe!). Anyway, more later about what I came home with. :graucho:
    What's more important is that I had a really nice chat with the wonderful manager & there's something we all need to be very aware of.
    The outlets currently mail out bags sight unseen but there have recently been problems with customers complaining that the bags were not as they expected.
    Now, I can only speak from my own experience but I have bought a fair few bags from SM over the phone & I've always been made very aware of any marks etc.
    Today I was contemplating buying aqua Roxy over the phone & the SA emphasised that there were marks on both bags. I decided to go down & check them for myself - well the marks were tiny but it was right that the SA pointed them out.
    Now Mulberry is considering stopping mail out purchases - this would be a real blow to a lot of us! :crybaby:
    All I can say is please remember that if you find a current season bag in the outlet with 30 per cent off - it's there because it's flawed! The SA will do their best to tell you what the flaw is but if you're at all unsure, please don't buy.
    I've always found SM's customer service to be brilliant & I, for one, don't want to see the end of the mail out service.
  2. I totally agree - and I think I mentioned as much on the thread about the magenta Hanover. I've always found them very honest about the condition of the bags - it would be awful if they stopped doing mail order altogether :crybaby:
  3. Oh no.............Disaster
  4. Funny you should mention that,I was just in Chesh Oaks,and they said they had received a phone call about this this morning.Its marked down on all receipts about the condition,a bag is never sent out with a verbal description if its a phone order etc.
    They only mentioned it to me as they know me in there and know I've now moved quite far away and its not as easy for me to get there.If the mail order stops I'll be well p***ed off,I have built a great relationship with them, and to have to go trollying over there to inspect a bag,where their description would have sufficed before as they know me,will seriously get on my bloody nerves!!!!!!!!!
  5. Oh no, I really hope they don't do that. I have always been told what the flaws are and I don't ever expect the bags to be perfect. I sincerely hope they don't stop it as I live miles away from any outlet and it would be a real blow to me. :yucky:
  6. If this happens will it be immediate SJ ?
  7. oh no that would be a disaster!!! i've only bought one bag from the outlet by mail order and other than the fact they left the bl**dy security tag on it, it was as described and i was perfectly happy about the condition of it. Still had to do a 3 hr round trip to bicester to get the tag removed but ho hum!!! They had sold me the best condition ivy bayswater in the shop at the time ( i know- i went around and inspected all the others in the shop when i went to get the tag removed because if there had been one in better condition i'd have asked for an exchange) so from that point of view i was really pleased with the service from the SA. it would be easy for some slack staff to try to clear some of the more manky bags by mail order but that definately wasn't the case.

  8. I got the impression it was something they were seriously considering but not that it was definitely going to happen. I think they are reviewing the situation & if there are many more complaints about the condition of mailed out bags, they will axe it.
    That's why I said it's really important for people to be sure before they buy by charge & send.
  9. I must admit I have been more than pleased with the condition of mine when I bought them. I always ask them to look the bags thoroughly over and describe any faults . Maybe some SA's are better at this than others???
  10. All my bags have come from Shepton & I've been hard pressed to see anything wrong with them. The flaws on the aqua Roxies today were so tiny I would have struggled to see them if they hadn't been pointed out to me. Bags that have a noticeable flaw are marked as SUB so you know what you're getting. I would be very sad if the mail out service ended. I'm lucky as I'm relatively near to SM but a lot of people are miles away from an outlet.
  11. we'd all be relying on you SJ to shop for us and post out!!!!!
  12. Oh no - then you'd all moan at me if you didn't like the bags I chose for you! I have always fancied being a personal shopper though.......
  13. I really hope they dont stop it - I dont live anywhere close to any of the outlets. I have bought 2 bags by phone from the York outlet and have been really pleased with both of them.
  14. I hope they start posting to Ireland!!
  15. Situation must be serious if the complaints out weigh the revenue from the service. I work in retail and we'd only ever consider closing a source of revenue if it was no longer profitable to run, even if it was a lot of hassle and work, as every penny counts. I've bought over the phone and can't even see the marks they described to me over the phone. I hope they don't end it.