Mail Order from Europe


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Dec 23, 2009
hihi, i'm sorry if this has been asked before... just wondering does it make sense or is it possible to email the european Dior boutiques to order Dior bags?

i'm looking for a small lady dior lambskin bag in fushia pink or red or gray with gold hardware but i can't find them in the local boutiques. can anyone enlighten me about this please? thanks :smile:


Jan 11, 2009
3h from Paris
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I am from Europe actually...I am not sure if the European boutiques do international phone orders to overseas...most of them do inside Europe so maybe you could try...maybe you could write an email to Dior through their website and ask them...or you could call the boutiques directly...they should speak English on the phone no matter where you call ...but you probably have to pay taxes/duties and custom fees...I only know the fees for a bag shipped from overseas to in Germany it's 20% of the value...