Mail Order Brides !!

  1. Do you think it's possible for mail order bride's to find true love ?
  2. Maybe,although you have to question what kind of man they end up with-why can this man not find a wife without buying her?
  3. I have yet to hear a success story.
  4. hm..I think a man ordering a bride just wants all that comes w/ it even without the love part...basically sex, cleaning, & cooking.
  5. Ehhh I mean it is soo not my thing... but matchmaking has worked and has higher marital sucess than pre-thought marriages in some countries :shrugs:

    Not for me!!
  6. Perhaps.. I don't really believe in the romantic kind of love. Love should also include compatibility since two people that are attracted may not necessarily be able to live well together. Love may not happen in this kind of relationship until later, but it's still there. :smile:
  7. Maybe. My mom's friend (who has too much $$ for his own good), has had 2 Russian MOB's.

    For the first one: he bought her and her daughter 2 new BMWs, new boobs, new butt, new nose, new chin, paid for her daughter's schooling, paid for Olga's clothes, shoes, shopping trips, went on extravegant vacations via private plane, etc. He built her a house, that was never finished since all of the stuff that she wanted *inside* cost so much to run his funds dry. Needless to say, she ordered a bathroom that cost 65,000 EUR. Once the money ran out...She ran out.

    For the 2nd one: This is a few years later (he's with her now), he's basically doing the same thing for her now. Buying cars, building/buying homes, clothes, blah blah blah...

    I don't think he understands that these two women were just using him since they had absolutely NOTHING in Russia.

    But then, he's the type of guy who has to have "the prettiest wife" - so I guess he didn't really care.
  8. The woman is taking quite a risk. Essentially, she is selling herself into slavery.
  9. I've heard a success story here and there but not generally.
  10. I had a professor in college who used to work with the police to rescue mail order brides. One guy kept his "wife" locked in the attic all day when he wasn't home, so the police and my professor were sent to rescue her.

    I don't think it works. Like someone else said- it's for guys that want a pretty and completely subservant wife. I mean-come on you're buying your wife. There's clearly something wrong with you if you have to pay someone to marry you. I guess on some occassions, the relationship can turn to a friendship, but more often than not it ends in disaster.
  11. I think the brides should get some sort of cultural/political training so that they understand their rights as citizens and can stick up for themselves if the guy turns out to be a controlling meany.

    Meanwhile, if a guy wants to order a hot wife and spoil her, that's his perogative:smile:

    I'd never be into the whole idea, definitely not my kind of thing.
  12. In some cultures i think it's possible. My mother's friend had a mail order bride. This guy was a friend of my mum since I was a kid, so I basically knew him all my life. He was your average nice guy, and had a good job. He had gf's but they all never worked out. But when you get to a certain age, you may feel like settling down, you know?

    Anyway, in his 40s, the guy got a bride from another country. They are married for 2 or 3 years now, and seem happy to me. I don't know if this is "true love" but then again, marriage is not always only about love. They may not be passionately in love with each other, but they live well together and enjoy each other's company. I think that's enough.

    Plus, it's already difficult enough marrying an almost stranger, they would also have to deal with people around them gossipping and stuff. It makes it harder, and if they made it work, I give full credit to them.
  13. I think it can work....a friend of the family had a mail order bride from the Phillipines. They lived with us for about a year while him & my dad were starting a business. They had a 3 year old duaghter & she got pregnant again before they moved out.
    They seemed pretty happy....she said she used to be a hairdresser back home, but was happier here not working. She basically looked after the little girl, cooked & cleaned. They went on yearly trips back to her home to visit family and expose their daughter to her mother's culture.
    Last I heard they were still married (and they lived with us about 12 years ago).

    My BIL has thought about it because he hasn't met anyone here (he's tried internet dating and it hasn't worked)...and he is so desperate to find someone because he's so lonely.
  14. It sucks that these women have to sell themselves to live a life better then they do in their own country.
  15. oh hellz no. I think 95% of the men getting mail order brides are

    1) sleazy
    2) have issues --- most likely control issues

    They obviously can't find someone on their own and have to pay for someone that they can have their way with.

    I'm sorry, I know that poverty is sad, but giving up my soul and pride for money is a NO-NO.

    Not saying that all of them are this way, but the odds are way way ups there!