Mail Call....Bay Area, Boys and Girls.....Invitation from LV, for SF opening?

  1. I never shop in SF, so I didn't think I would get one....but low and behold in the mail today that familar square envelope.....

    Invitation to preview and private shopping day for Union Square for reopening, Nov 10...

    Crochetbella? Michelle? Elle? Ajamesgrly? The Snorks? Dustypaws? Jane? Who am I forgetting?

    Who is going??

    Invite says present invitation for entry...I wonder how strict they are going to be. I know for the private events ay Valley Fair they are very strict and you have to have the invite or be on the list....but they are always in the evening...not all day, like this one.
  2. I got one too. I've purchased from the SF boutique a mere ONE time I don't think they were the ones who sent me the invite.

    Did yours include an insert for the Global Green cocktail reception? That event is on the same day, but from 7-9pm and seems to require an RSVP.

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to attend because I might be in Vegas that weekend :nuts:
  3. My SA called and invited me but I didn't get an invite in the mail...yet? :shrugs: I'm hoping to go!!! Can't wait to see the new space. :nuts:
  4. if you're in town to attend, make sure you RSVP! i forgot to RSVP w/ the icon collection cocktail reception and i was soooo mad at myself!! it didn't help that i only had 3 days to do it!! such short notice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blah. :sad:
  5. i work at that lv and the new store is amazing! i can't wait for it to open!!:yahoo:
  6. ^ neat!
  7. I have until Nov 7th to RSVP...weird thing is, I'm supposed to call 866-VUITTON to do it and not the actual store? :confused1:
  8. omgoodness! i just bought from that store last wk.. i hope i get an invite!
  9. Hm, I'll call home and ask them tonight about it... I currently live in Santa Cruz for school. Do you know if they send it to the address based on your credit cards/license? If so... I may think of making the trip home because I've never been able to go to anything like this, and it would be a great chance to meet some PF'ers!
  10. MY SA called me yesterday and asked me to "save the date". My invite arrived today. I can't wait to check it out!
  11. I haven't shopped in the SF store just at VF and Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto. I hope I get one. I missed the cocktail event at Neiman Marcus last Saturday. :sad:
  12. DH talked with my SA today and I think my invite got sent to our old address. But I'll definitely be there. Can't wait! :wlae:
  13. Bleh, no invite yet. :sad:
  14. same. :sad:
  15. I got one! : )