Maidenform backless bra

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  1. Does anyone have it? I ordered one in each color, and I am beside myself with excitement! They're on backorder now, but I'm praying they arrive by the end of next week, as I'll be working at a sample sale, and I'm hoping to load up on fun backless dresses if the bra works well. Any reviews? In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the link:

    Sorry that I don't know how to do the schmancy embedded links.
  2. Here's the picture


    I've love to hear from a C or D cup woman on this. They say it's even supportive enough for larger sizes.
  3. i've been curious about this bra--please let us know ! may i ask what size you decided to order?
  4. I ordered a 34D. They don't make my actual size (32dd or 32ddd), but I can usually make adjustments at my tailor. My fingers are tightly crossed!
  5. Let us know, I'm super curious!
  6. I want to know too! I wonder if the straps are comfortable like that. I feel like it would seem like it's falling off for me.
  7. looks and sounds great!! I must have one!! anyone know where they will be sold in europe?
  8. Looks uncomfortable to me! I just see myself yanking those bra straps back on my shoulders all night. Whoever gets them must let us all know how they hold up!
  9. What about for us A cup girls? I love the idea of this bra, but the smallest cup they make is a B? Too bad. And yes, A cup girls need bras, too!
  10. I ordered one too! Mine is on backorder from the status, it doesn't look like it'll be here for a while! :sad:
  11. Ooh, I'm wondering about this too. I have the strapless one fabulous fit bra and I love, love it.
  12. Oh, I'm looking for a great backless bra. I wish they made these in 32's, too! The sizes are too limited. :sad:
  13. I just got my shipment confirmation today, it's been backordered for a while now... I can't wait to try it out!
  14. I just got one and it doesn't stay on your shoulders. Anybody else?
  15. I tried some on at a lingerie store but I did not like them at all. I wear a 34 C/D. I tried both sizes and neither one worked. It would not stay on and it did not feel supportive at all. It felt like one false move and my tatas would spill out.