Mai Tai 's collection

  1. Hello Mai Tai

    thankyou for your wonderful postings and photos, I presume you were a model as you can wear anything and make it look amazing?

    just wondering if your H collection is featured anywhere on here or if you might feature it like vickyb and myself?? i bet you have a wonderful collection.

    best wishes - Michele from UK:biggrin:
  2. Oh, yes! I agree to you. Mai Tai has a wundeful collection.:woohoo:
  3. :popcorn:
  4. thank you,
  5. Thank you for the lovely compliments Michele, I very much appreciate your kind words! :flowers: :heart:

    My H collection consists of a few pieces I dearly love, but it is by no means extensive enough to justify a thread on it's own :nogood: As anilouann pointed out, most of my H is featured on my blog incl. action pics, how-to's and joie de vivre posts.

    Apart from the Provence thread anilouann mentioned (, I also post regularely on

    Hope to welcome you on these threads and my blog soon! :smile:

    anilouann:heart: thank you for posting the links and Haniel ~ thank you :flowers:
  6. Hello Mai Tai

    thankyou for your reply, ive really enjoyed looking at your blog -

    re;melons! every time we visit cannes or monaco we have melon at least twice a day as they are soo sweet there - wish they were that good in the uk!!

    how did you get on with the scarf hanging kit?? ive often thought they were nice enough to display around the house!

    keep it up - love your photos/style

    Michele x
  7. Thank you Michele, very happy you enjoyed my blog :flowers:

    I am ashamed to admit that the scarf hanging kit is still in it's box...unlike melons, which get consumed every day :biggrin: