Mahra's collection

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  1. Hi.

    Not much but that's all I could get my hands on at this time of the night!!:sleepy:

    Once upon a time, my dad came home with a chanel bag (which was unusual because I'm used to seeing him coming home with 4 bags: my mom, my two younger sisters and myself) and he gave it to me!! OK! What's so special?!
    I opened the bag, and found a lovely white chanel clutch. It's cute!


    I thought that wasn't a reason for him not to get the 3 other bags with him:confused1:!!

    I opened the clutch and Look what I found:nuts::


    OMG:drool:!!!!! A limited edition J12 just 4 me!!

    I :heart: my dad!!

    I wore the watch and clutch on my cousin's wedding.

    *More pics later. I have to sleep now ( final biology test early morning!!)
  2. Your watch is gorgeous!
  3. WOW- can we trade dads? :graucho:
  4. Very nice!! Thanks for sharing!
  5. WOW :nuts: That is just beautiful! I have watch envy!
  6. i agree with everyone the watch is gorgeousss raw3aaa ;D
  7. Oh my goodness! What a nice dad! That J12 is stunning!
  8. Nice MashAlla :smile:
  9. i love your watch!!
  10. Wow! I love the bag!! Your dad has wonderful taste
  11. Congratulations!!! Lovely bag and amazing watch!!! Wear them in good health!!!
  12. Love your watch!
  13. lol not for a billion dollars!
  14. I love that watch. :heart:
  15. Yea, I must say, your dad has fine taste! Congrats!