Mahogany Patent Tote is MINE

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  1. Look what arrived today!!! I won her on ebay. :smile: NWT. She's so pretty, and she holds SO much stuff!


    Okay, that is the third Coach item I've gotten in as many days. I guess I better slow down eh? :shame:
  2. Beautiful! :drool: Congrats! :tup:
  3. Congrats! The Mahogany patent is such a pretty color. :smile:
  4. Very nice.
  5. That color is beautiful! Congrats :smile:
  6. Gorgeous tote. Love patent mahogany. :love:
  7. Me likes.
    I just got a black Legacy 2007 Shoulder bag in the mail myself.
  8. Congrats! It's like Christmas in August. :tup:

  9. Gorgeous!! Congrats! Ergo totes rock!
  10. Wait! I have to wipe the drool up off my keyboard... congrats! She's so pretty!
  11. Beautiful! That is so on my wish list - congrats!
  12. How gorgeous! I love patent leather!
  13. Thanks all! Even my five year old son walked in and gently touched it and said, "Wow Mommy, I love your purse! It even has a pretty card on it (the hangtag)!" He's so precious. :love: Then my DH had to pick it up look at it. He was excited for me. He loves leather and so was appreciative of the beauty of this bag. So for anyone on the fence about whether to get anything patent leather.....GO FOR IT!
  14. How pretty! You couldn't have photographed that any better to show the color.
  15. Love the look and color! I have a patent leather wallet, but no PL bag yet.