Mahogany Garnet

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  1. Hi there Coachies!!! I am looking for a Mahogany Garnet.....does anyone have one at an outlet near them? Also, how do I "order" one from another outlet to be shipped to mine. (Aurora Farms, Ohio) is the closest to me.
    Any help would be great!!!!
  2. hi im not sure if there are any left at the outlets since they were put on clearance. especially in the browns and blacks. i hope you can find one. if not at an outlet you may try ebay or bonazle ive seen a few going for great prices. good luck!
  3. I agree. Best bet is to get on client tracker for one. Most outlets don't do charge-send. For charge-send, both the receiving and the sending outlets must agree to it. So you probably should contact your local outlet and see if they participate in charge-send.

    I think there are still some mahogany garnets floating around eBay & Bonanzle. The prices aren't jacked-up that much.
  4. yeah client track is best, or like i said ebay / bonanzle.