Mahogany and indigo Spy Bags at bluefly

  1. All gone!
  2. You gotta watch Blufly, people have seen fakes on the sight.
  3. I purchased black spy bag last month from bluefly and it was definitely authentic!. :yes:

    They are trying to prevent people from buying authentic ones from bluefly and returning a fake one by having a tag on the bags. If you remove the tag, you have to keep it.
  4. preciousmoment - I've experienced that, too. I've never received a fake from them, and what I know of their rep is that it's really good. I wonder if we should post another thread on this, b/c I've been wondering about this for awhile!!
  5. how much were they anyway?
  6. I totally agree. I wonder if they still have fakes around. A thread about what they purchased and when they purchased (within 6 month) and if the item they purchased at bluefly was authentic would be nice. :p
  7. $1660 but with 15% off coupon, it would be about $1420. Its a really good deal since leather nappa spy bags costs $2120 at Saks and nm. :smile:
  8. good price so thats why they went so fast
  9. aack...I'd love to have a spy bag....sigh....
  10. There's a TON of Spy styles right now.
  11. Fendi Indigo nappa woven spy bag is back and available!
  12. The mahogony one is on it's way to me now. Should be here Monday. I hope it's authentic!