Mahina Zippy Wallet

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  1. Does anyone have this wallet? How does the leather wear? I'm guessing it is leather, so it should be good for a long long time but more like should I take any special precaution or anything like that if I get this? I cannot get over how gorgeous the leather is. I was originally looking at the retiro zippy, but then thought I'd rather get one that I really want so that I am done for a good long time. Coach wallets last pretty well without too much babying, so I'm guessing LV leather should be really good to go right?


  2. Anyone? Anyone?
  3. As far as I know, there is no zippy wallet in Mahina line.
  4. Hi Cali, it is only just been released on the EU website I haven't seen it in person but here is a picture :biggrin:

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  5. I think it is very gorgeous, very tempting indeed if only it came in a different set of colours :P
  6. I have a wallet in mahina leather that is about 5 years old. The first 3 years it was my daily wallet and never changed. Now I have an Emilie and Empreinte Sarah I rotate them. It is still in beautiful condition and has aged beautifully:heart: It is black though, I imagine the light colours would show dirt after a while.
  7. Wow.. really, zippy wallet in Mahina line...I better call my SA, thanks Vinbenphon1 for the pic and info, love love it.

  8. I see it on the U.S. Website. ️
  9. Your welcome.... I really like it, but its not on the Australian site yet, so I will eagerly await your reveal :biggrin:
  10. I'm really intrigued by the Mahina Zippy in black but I kind of wish the perforation contrasted in something light (maybe silver) to bring out the monogram. If it came in Galet, I'd be all over it in a heartbeat.


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    Got my eye on this too! I'm debating between this and the Iris wallet. Too hard!
  12. Thank you ladies. It is every bit as gorgeous as it looks. I really liked it in the black -- so understated and gorgeous. This has 12 card slots as opposed to the traditional zippy wallet's 8. It's just so beautifully done. I'm guessing over time the leather will soften and it will be even more gorgeous.

    The falet color comes in the Sarah version - I think it's called iris? Gorgeous.

    Are mahima and empriente leather similar in terms of wear and tear?

    Thanks much.
  13. I have mahina wallet in the style Amelia. It is super durable
  14. Wow, I love this wallet --- Zippy is my favorite wallet style and I love Mahina leather.
  15. Love the mahina leather. I have the babylone bag and just ordered the Iris wallet in noir in the mahina leather. Can't wait for it to arrive. The zippy looks gorgeous as well.