Mahina xxl

  1. can anyone give me some advice, which size shoule i get for the Mahina ? xxl or xl? , im 5'1. i prefer xl but only xxl available, and im so desperated for a mahina
  2. Even the XL is huge, the XXL is tremendous. I am 5ft 3 and like big bags and found these just too big
  3. i would suggest the xl. i'm 5'5" and i thought it was pretty big. there will be a mahina xs coming out this season. maybe that might be a better option :smile:
  4. thanks then i should wait until the xs comming out. Does any one known when it gonna come out?
  5. i believe the mahina xs comes out in march. i would check the s/s pics thread in the reference section for the timelines.
  6. thanks caley, i will check with it
  7. I love the Mahina! I would have to say XL?
  8. I am 5 feet and have an XL, while its big on me it is still "doable" the XXL is waaaay big on me.