Mahina XXL Gris from - Reveal & Size Q

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  1. #1 Feb 21, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2010
    First of all, THANK YOU - Addy, Lee, onegirlcreative for authenticating this bag!!!
    I actually wanted an XL and that was what I thought I purchased from because the item was labelled so. When I received it, I noticed it had 5 base studs not 4. I just knew XL's had 4 studs at the bottom from looking at yoogi's closet and other eBay listings so I emailed Let-Trade why it has 5 studs and what kind of proof on the bag's authenticity they accept for a full refund.

    Review on Let-Trade:
    PROS - Let-Trade was extremely fast(less than 24 hours) when I asked about payment and shipping information. They also sent my bags within three business days after receiving the payment. Shipping cost was included in the bag price.

    CONS - They were, unfortunately, very slow / (or gave me no response) in regards to 4/5 studs matter. They still have not replied my email or my sms or my phone call. It has been almost a week.... Similar happened when I emailed them a while ago about a bronze Mahina L, whether they can put the item on hold.... It took them 6 days to reply me that it was already sold. However, the bronze did not move to "recently sold" section until I bought my Gris, which was 2 weeks after I received their reply. Since other bags kept on moving to "recently sold" section, I could not help but think that the bronze was not actually sold....But what do i know, I do not have any proof.

    So, Let-trade is a nice place to buy if you happen to have no question whatsoever after you buy your stuff or you are willing to pay right away...................And they will be very likely to be quiet and provide NO CUSTOMER SERVICE if you are unsatisfied or have any question AFTER a purchase from them.

    Then I found out XXL has 5 studs from searching the Purse Forum...
    So, it turns out I bought an XL but received XXL.

    Here are my modelling shots....
    Not the best outfit to wear w/ Mahina Gris = =..
    My height is 163.5cm for reference.
    Does the bag look too big? I really wish I got an XL... I'm not sure if this looks too big on me.



  2. It's a gorgeous bag, no doubts about that! To be honest though (sorry :shame:smile: I think it does look too big for you. Are you going to keep it?

    Thanks for the review on Let-Trade; I haven't used them but its good info to know.
  3. Congratulations :smile:
  4. Hmm, I do feel it's a tad too big on me, and you think it's big too! I don't know........I really don't know............................ I did buy the bag thinking it was an XL. I guess even if I got used to its size, many people will think it looks too big on me? :shrugs:
  5. Hi babe! The bag is gorgeous but IMHO, it looks a bit big... and I love big bags! Have you carried a bag that size before?
  6. Hi!! =D

    Nope. This is the biggest bag I own, other than those humongous expandable carriers people use when they immigrate to another country.
  7. Beautiful bag, but a little too big, but if you like then your opinion is what counts. Congrats!!!
  8. congrats! i like it! personally i like big bags though
    to me this bag looks like it's similar size to chanel coco cabas which i carry although i'm only 5'4"
  9. gorgeous bag...but a "smidge" too big for you...even as an oversize's still wayyy too big...sorry :sad:
  10. gorgeous!! congrats!!
  11. you should keep it, it looks very nice on you and the XXL is not made any more, so you have a limited edition bag Congrats!!
  12. It look great on you.
  13. beautiful but i agree that its a little too big. :smile: look too bulky on your frame.
  14. Congrats! It's a gorgeous bag, but it's a little too big.. ;)
  15. Hey there...beautiful but too big IMHO....but so pretty!