Mahina XS

  1. Does anyone know when are the smaller sized Mahinas are arriving? Has anyone seen pics of them yet?

    How many of you guys are waitlisted? =)
  2. This is the first time I hear that they are releasing the Mahina in smaller size..

    Do you know how much they are going to be retailed for? Thnx!
  3. it is very cute, there are some pics in the reference, go check it!
  4. Ohh! They have pics in the reference? Last time I checked I didn't see it.

    I heard from a friend who works for LV that they will have it in two smaller sizes. Dunno how much they will be retailing for but the price of the Mahinas now are insane.
  5. Mar 1 and $2700.00
  6. Thanks! I can't believe it's still close to $3K.
  7. omg, really???^^^

    Here are the pics:
    IMG_3196.JPG IMG_3197.JPG
  8. OMG, that looks rockin'...not that I can really tell what size it is.
  9. That's cute but I still prefer the XL for a few hundred dollars more and it has 2 shoulder straps ... easier access to your stuff! Now if they came out in the new Epi Cassis color, I'd be all over it ... LOL!
  10. Thats quite expensive but I really like it. I will need a new shoulder bag soon, so we'll see
  11. Oh...but I love one strap bags that don't slip off your shoulder...that's a big plus in my book. Plus the XL versions are too big. I know it's the whole oversized look but there's no way I have that much stuff to lug around!
  12. I'm WL for the XS but I really really want the XL... I will of course check out the XS when it comes in.
  13. I've WL for the XS in black but not certain if I will actually purchase it yet. I have to see it IRL.
  14. and your purple! :roflmfao:
  15. WOW.... I LOVE the XS!!! The single flat strap is attractive to me!!! I'd like to see a modeling pic to get an idea of the size...