Mahina XS questions

  1. Does anyone have information about the Mahina XS?? Is there somewhere in this forum that I would be able to see a picture, get sizes, prices etc? I was in the LV store yesterday and happened to ask SA and was told that 'it's a totally different bag from XL' and no one seemed to know much about it. Mind you they were trying to sell their last black XL to me but I found it to be to huge and I'm very curious about the XS. Thanks so much for any information! :smile:
  2. I still haven't seen a pic of it. Does anyone have any pics?
  3. Check out the SS 08 summary thread in the References section. There's a pic near the end.
  4. Thanks for the info Jellybebe! Now I'm off to search the many pages of SS 08
  5. from the top of my head the mahina xs will come in black, white, and antique bronze with a price of $2700. it will also come in black denim and that is going to be $1870.

    i believe there is a pic of it in the s/s pics thread. probably around page 7 or 8. not quite sure.
  6. Oh how badly I want this bag! :drool:
  7. Thanks for the info caley! I'll look for that picture. The SS 08 forum is so big! But I'll check at the beginning like you suggested. Any idea on on release date? I thought I heard something about March???:shrugs:
  8. i think its in march. on page 8 of the pics thread, Label Addict has a timeline for stuff we have info on. :smile:
  9. Yes, the Mahina XS will be released in March --- black, white, bronze, and silver, price at $2700. The denim XS will only be in black, $1875 price.