Mahina XS or Tambour Watch? what would you choose?

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  1. My 5 year anniversary is coming up and here are the 2 pieces I have my gift narrowed down to.. I am just not sure which I would rather have. I have 2 other watches but nothing this pretty :smile: and 1 other black it's a toss up...any help would be appreciated!

  2. Get the bag and get a watch from someone who specialises in watches later. Even though their watches are made near where I live :biggrin:
  3. I'll get the Mahina XS.
  4. I would get the purse - but that I because I do not like to wear a watch (thats what cell phones are for!) I always have a purse with me. But it depends on if you would use more.
  5. ^I am kinda leaning more toward the bag as I wear a watch but rarely look at it!
  6. Get the bag! I want that one next. Can that be worn messenger style?
  7. ^yes, it can be worn messenger is gorgeous and I have always wanted a mahina!! this one isn't as huge as the other either!
  8. Tough choice!

    I would get the bag because I already have 2 nice watches!

    Happy Anniversary!
  9. i'd get the xs mahina, it's SO beautiful...but i'm not a watch girl. i'd definitely get more use out of the beautiful mahina though ;)
  10. Mahina XS gets my vote
  11. Either one will be great ~ I'm sure whatever you decide will look awesome on you! And as long as you're happy, then that's all that matters ~ let us know what you get!
  12. Ooo I love both, but I'd have to vote mahina.
  13. Mahina! But I am not a watch person.
  14. personally i'd get the watch, esp if u already have a black bag. i'm not a huge fan of the xs (i like the xl better, or the L, which is coming out in a few weeks).
  15. Watch! I'm a huge fan of LV watches; they're very nicely made and very stylish as well. I'm not that fond of the Mahina XS either.