mahina XL

  1. Has anyone seen the mahina XL in the store lately? I called customer service and it seems that there are none left. :tdown:

  2. I know here in Aus they have all gone too and my SA is doing a global search to see if she can locate one for me:yes:
  3. Montreal Canada has it
  4. I got mahina xl for a gift but I changed it with something else. I didn't know a lot of people looking for it. When I sell it to eBay a lot of people interested, before I even answer everybody question, one person bid for "buy it now".
    If I know it won't have it anymore, I think I should just keep it for myself:sad:
  5. I saw one on elux just an hour ago.
  6. Thank you for the info, I'll wait until they have black.
  7. I saw a black Mahina in Houston, TX at the Galleria. Hope it is still there for you!
  8. I haven't seen one in the stores where I live lately, but they do have them in stock on the website right now :smile:
  9. I have mahina xl to return to LV sf store, if you need it, I can return it on the same day with you.
  10. I saw one couple weeks ago in LV store, Beverly Center, but not sure if it's XL or XXL. Good luck finding one. :flowers:
  11. I just saw the black on Elux about an hour ago.
  12. saw it too. they had 2 of the black in stock.
  13. I just got one in store last week. I WL'd last month. They're getting shipments in from time to time so if you want one you may want to WL at every store you can. Good luck. She's a beaut!!!