Mahina XL owners please chime in!!!

    1. How comfy is the bag to carry once you put things inside??
    2. Those who own the GRIS---any major problems w/ color transfer
    3. Is the GRIS XL still special edition or a part of the regular collection now?
    4. Any other feedback would be great
    I have only modeled it in front of the mirror and wondering if its as comfy once you take it out

    And i have read not to wear brand new dark jeans against this bag. But that prety much goes for any new leather bag because new jeans stain. BUt i'm wondering if anything else has stained for anyone else

    Any other feedback good or bad would be great. thanks!!
  1. Bumping this up before i to bed. Anyone?
  2. i took my black one to Manhattan with me, and carried it around for 4 days. it was the easiest bag to carry, because the bag itself is pretty lightweight, and this is coming from someone who carries everything but the kitchen sink with her
  3. To me the bag is a little on the heavy side but easy to carry and stays on my shoulder. I do load my bag up with a lot of stuff and it is a little hard to find everything, esp. when you have all of the straps closed. I have the Gris and I have a very faint bit of color transfer on the back of my bag from some dark denim jeans. To be honest I can't see it but my husband can so I guess it's there. I haven't tried to get it off yet but did get some Magic Eraser in case I want to try.

    I really, really love this bag!!!
  4. I have the black also and it is very comfortable on the shoulders. It doesn't slide off like other "2 handled shoulder bags" and as big as it is, it still so easy to get my stuff in and out of it ... it's a great bag, one of my faves!
  5. it's very light weight consider it's a leather bag. So far no color xfer problems on Gris, but I do wash dark colored clothes before 1st wear. If you can handle Chanel's white leathers, this will be a piece of cake :yes: It's a bit painful to retrieve things if you buckle up the side & front, so i just leave the front one open.

    Mahina XL was suppose to be LE, bu judging at LV's recent action, I highly doubt it will be LE, perhaps seasonal?

  6. thanks! Rileygirl can you take a pic of the color transfer? this scares me the most. I'd like to see what it looks like
  7. I love my Noir XL. Excellent to carry, so much so I would like a Denim as well. I think the Gris will be proned to colour transfer, as with all things light white/ivory coloured. And from other threads, tons of new colour coming out.
  8. Any other input??
  9. I loved this bag while I had it - I didn't find it difficult to carry and the straps stayed on my shoulders. It wasn't too heavy considering its size.
  10. i must have weak shoulders because after a whole day of carrying my mahina XL (gris), my shoulder hurts. i try not to put too much in it though. once, i got a black mark on the front. i got the mark off with nail polish remover without damaging the leather at all. no color transfer for me so far. love this bag.