Mahina XL or Denim XL?!?!?!

  1. OK, as time is nearing for my next LV purchase I'm completely confused on what bag I want to get. I LOVEEEEE the Mahina XL in Noir, but I want a bag that I can use to carry my laptop to school and out. The problem I'm having is I want to use it when it's raining (VERY little of course) and not have to worry about the leather :s. So I'm wondering if the Mahina would be okay and I won't have to worry about the leather so much. I love the Denim XL, too with the structured bottom :tup:

    So I don't know what to do.

  2. Either are great but I think i'd go for the Mahina XL
  3. Mahina!
  4. I vote for mahina too:yes:
  5. i have the Mahina XL in black so i'm biased. but really, the leather is quite durable, and you have to see and touch it for yourself to appreciate its beauty. it also has that structured bottom that the Denim XL does
  6. i really like the mahina xl in gris. i would probably splurge the extra 900 for the mahina over the denim xl.
  7. I've been leaning towards the Mahina since I love it a little more than the Denim XL so I was hoping for a little push in that direction. Thanks for the help!
  8. mahina! that bag is so gorgeous!!!
  9. Defintaley the mahina - the leather looks gorgeous!:nuts:
  10. I am lusting for the Mahina as well and considered the Denim XL as a substitute, but the Mahina is DIVINE! Go for it!
  11. The Mahina is awesome.
  12. I def. like Mahina better and that what I was going to get....but now I want the Limelight, too. Decision decision...
  13. I'd say go for the Mahina. The leather is divine. I received mine last week and I loooove it!!!
  14. the mahina without a doubt!
  15. DEFINITELY THE MAHINA! It's soooooo gorgoues! And just get an umbrella lol! I'm sure it will fit inside, hehe.