Mahina XL in Gris on Hold! Enablers?

  1. My grail bag, the Mahina XL in gris is on hold for me until Friday closing. I am in love with this bag but the timing is pretty bad with Xmas next week.

    What do you all think? Do I go for it?
  2. I love, love this bag!:nuts::drool: If you can safely afford it then I say go and grab it now!:yahoo:
  3. I love this bag!!! No way I can afford it but if I could it would be mine. If you get it, get it before the price increase on Dec 26.
  4. It took my SA a while to locate this bag for me .. have you tried it on??? If so ..thoughts on it??? Will you use it??? It IS a lot of money (esp just before the holiday season too) but it is a special bag :love:
  5. Hi RG!!! I say if this bag doesnt get in the way of your H funds ;) then go for it! I know you've wanted this bag for awhile so I think you should get it!!
  6. grab it, it's still on waiting list here, but a bit heavy though.......
  7. If that is your holy grail bag then you must have it! It is truly gorgeous.
  8. OMG!!! I love this bag. If you can afford it GO FOR IT!!!!
  9. OMG you have to get this bag! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. OMG, I love this bag too.. I say get it!!!
  11. I have this bag in gris and I am still in absolute LOVE with it. I get compliments every time I take it out. This is a SPECTACULAR bag! The performations POP on the light leather and I've had no color transfer or discoloration issues.
    If you think it suits you at all...have you tried it on? You should make it a Christmas present to yourself. You won't regret it. I'm going to use the HECK out of mine for years and years.
  12. Wait, LV is increasing their prices starting Dec 26? Is that for real? :sad:

    Rileygirl - Go for it! The Mahina is so gorgeous :tup:
  13. i love this bag!! I want it too.. but i have to wait, since it's sooo darn $$$$. I say go for it, if you have the funds!!
  14. GET IT!!! I have it in noir and I don't regret it even though it was super $$$. I don't find it heavy and I just love how it magically makes any outfit a :tup: I also love how it's sorta a discrete vuitton bag depending on the lighting.
  15. I have it in noir and I love love love it! It's absolutely gorgeous and so comfortable to carry. BUY IT !!! Or you might regret it later.