Mahina XL in Chocolate Brown?????

  1. Today I spotted a young woman carrying the LV Mahina in Chocolate Brown!! It was STUNNING!! I consider myself a total bag snob who can spot a fake (replica, impostor, phony, etc) a mile away. This bag looked totally authentic. The color was so rich, the leather was excellent and the hardware stood out. I ended up complimenting the woman on her bag and we had entire conversation about it. I told her how I was contemplating getting the black one at the LV store next door and that her bag was a sign that I should go for it.

    I told her I had no idea that the bag came in chocolate. She stated, "yes...and white." I said, "yes the ivory is to die for." She said she gets compliments everywhere she goes. She even took it off her shoulder and toted it for me. It was quite lovely.

    I immediately walked over to the LV store, tried on the black Mahina XL (again) and asked the SA if it came in brown. She seemed baffled. I told her how I JUST interacted with a woman carrying a brown one. The SA said she was only aware of black and ivory and that "maybe it was a fake" (she had a VERY HEAVY ACCENT... English was NOT her first language). She was aware of the Mahina being sold in brown.

    So ladies... have I been bamboozled or does the Mahina also come in Chocolate?? Perhaps in another country??? :shrugs: Has anyone ever seen it in brown before? If it was a replica... man it was a GREAT replica!! I was fooled!!!
  2. as far as i know, the mahina xl doesn't come in a chocolate brown. the closest thing to that i can think in a chocolate brown of is the onatah gm.

    also the mahina xl is coming in a bronze color, but i think that's expected to be released in march or april.
  3. The Mahina XL only comes in black and gris for now. In March, there will be two new colors for the XL size: Blanc and Bronze.

    So that lady was sporting a super Mahina fake.

    BTW, Mahina XS will come in Noir, Blanc, Bronze, and Silver in March.
  4. Did it look like this:
    [​IMG] (FAKE)

    it only comes in black and gris. The brown ones are fake.
  5. unless it's a onatah gm in brown, then it's fake. Mahina XL only come w/ Gris or Noir.
  6. I've..


    bamboozled....... :hrmm:

    I will admit. I was a good piece of work. She fooled a TPF'erer. I must keen up on my Spidey senses and not hold entire conversations with stangers about a fake bag (heehee).

    I knew my fellow addicts would help my confusion.
  7. OMG!!! That's it!!!! Shame on me.... shame... shame... :nogood:

  8. ^^^ yikes, that's a horrible replica!
  9. Oh no!!! Replicas of the Mahina XL? Gross!
  10. the Mahina XS will not come in gris?
  11. OMG! Would've been nice though, a Mahina XL in brown...
  12. I hope someday it will be real...
  13. that willbe nice... too bad its fake..:tdown:
  14. Aw, too bad it was a fake. Hopefully someday they will make it in brown too. :smile: