Mahina XL Gris

  1. Hi everyone Im from Australia and the Mahina XL in Gris colour has sold out here, can anyone pls tell me where I can get this bag?;)
  2. Hi
    Welcome to the forum ...the SA here did an international search for the mahina gris XL and managed to located one in NZ which was sent here ....not sure if your SA would do that?? Also it is being re-released in a smaller size soon so you could wait for that one:yes:
  3. My SA in my nearby boutique is having one in Gris shipped to the store for me tomorrow, i paid for it but have not seen one IRL yet and am not certain if I want Gris or Noir. If it is not right for me I will let him know that i know someone who is interested and I will PM you. I am not sure if it will be too big for me or not. i know it is smushy so I am hoping it will fit. I will let you know if not! Trish
  4. Thanks guys for the fast response, I haven't seen it in person either but from all the pictures in this forum it looks so gorgeous!! I know I definately want one too! But Good Luck Hope its perfect for you!! Keep me informed. Post pictures if you can.
  5. I will, either way! thank you!
  6. Mahina XL is :drool: :drool: uber yum. I get tons of complients everytime i take her out :yes:
  7. Hi Sami.n I am going to keep the mahina in gris, sorry :sad:, but I LOVE her already!!! I hope you can find one, or try the 1-866 and get them to find one for you in the USA....also, keep chcking on the website, they are seilling online now and one is black popped up as available!

    good luck and welcome to the forum!
  8. I would try New Zealand - im sure they would ship it to you because it's just across the ditch. Ill pass you on the number for the LV store I go to... its the DFS in Auckland. if they dont have one at the DFS branch they can check the Queen St store.

    Heres the number for the DFS store: 09 358 4488 (you may have to add country codes, the 09 part is the region code.)
  9. I waitlisted at my store very late, as in end of November and my store miraculously got another one in. They called me 2 days before Xmas and I was able to bring her home.

    I hope you're able to find one, she's an AMAZING bag!!
  10. They had one at the 57th store in NYC today in xl Gris to die for...
  11. Thank you everyone for the help, I rang the New Zealand store and they had one last one!! And very lucky that the store manager is flying over next week so she will be bringing my bag with her so I wont have to pay for the postage or 10% tax!!!! I am so excited!!!!:yahoo:

    ps Im so glad Trishluvslv that you love the bag and keeping it!!
  12. Fantastic news! Im glad you got your bag! Sounds like it was totally meant for you since the manager is flying over and everything! Wahoo! Don't forget to post pictures :biggrin:
  13. thanks Sami.n! I am so excited you found one, see what we tpf gals can accomplish when we set our minds to something! please post pics when you get her! Yeah!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  14. Congratulations, she's an awesome bag!!!
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