Mahina XL Gals....

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  1. Let me preface this story by saying that last year I got sent to the ER with horrible headaches and the Dr. said that I was on the computer too much at which time my husband TPFs Nike Golf told him about my Purse Forum addiction....

    So I've been using my Mahina XL in Gris quite a lot, I LVOE that bag, makes me feel amazing when I am wearing her....that is until a few days ago.

    I was doing some power shopping in Off 5th. I had about 6 pairs of jeans slung on one arm, my Mahina XL on the other, and was holding my 2 year old daughter tightly so that she wouldn't run away (which she does a lot!).

    Anywho, I got into the fitting room to try on the jeans when I was attacked by a horrible ache in my shoulders, neck, back, and head. I took 3 Extra Strength Tylenols and tried not to think about it.

    Well, yesterday I had another Power Shopping Day with 2 Tpfers and I had to face reality. My body was in pain because of Ms Mahina! Carrying 50 pounds (guesstimate) on one shoulder while trying to shop was not a smart thing to do.

    So, when I got home yesterday after some amazing shopping (sadly no LV but some H :graucho: ) I packed Ms. Mahina in her huge dust bag and packed her safely in my Bag Armoire. Going to give my body and her a rest while I learn how not to carry my kitchen sink in my bag.

    Mahina Gals, anyone else experience this?
  2. Omg! sorry to hear you're in pain and thx for a lesson for not carrying a kitchen sink ! LOL !!! Congrats on your H purchase!!! :nuts: sounds like you have a hell of a good time from Power Shopping :biggrin:
  3. Thanks Cheweyvy!

    BTW, I love your signature. I tend to be the same way. LOL

    I don't want to be skinny or rich and I sure don't need any more bags! Hee-hee.
  4. What are you hauling around in there? :nogood:
  5. ^^^I should do a what's in my Mahina pic, lol!

    But this is what I had:

    Koala Wallet
    Mini Pochette (Trunks and Bags with junk in it)
    Mini Pochette Azur (with Ipod Video in it)
    Pochette: With junks in it
    Hermes Agenda
    LV Framboise Agenda
    Sunnies and Case
    Pochette Cles
    Canon Digi Cam
    Coach Pill Box

    I think that's it! lol
  6. Ha ha I noticed the same sort of thing happening to me the other day! I was crazy and wore Mahina to Costco, which was probably just asking for it. But I don't carry as much as you, so maybe that's why I haven't been in as much pain. Hope you feel better soon! What did you get from H???
  7. This is a big bag, but I don't carry much in it.... what do you put in there that makes it so heavy?
  8. Oh no, I hope you're okay! I have not used my Ms. Mahina lately since it's been warm, but when I do, I take her only on short shopping trips. Or when I know I won't be standing too long. I also carry her on the crook of my arms and switch from left to right every now and then ... hope you feel better soon!
  9. omg...what are you carrying in that bag? hope all is ok with your headaches...:smile:
  10. Wow, that's not a lot for a bag. I can't believe it was that heavy. I've been saving for this bag, but now I'm rethinking it because I carry more things than you in my bag. Glad you posted this!

    What did you get from H:woohoo:?
  11. The bag itself is heavy and although what I listed is not too much, the truth is is that all those little pochettes that I have in there are packed with things as are my wallets and cles. I am sure it wasn't 50 pounds but it was more than 20, definitely. I just have to learn to only carry what I need.

    As for H...I am still trying to get the pictures together. :graucho:
  12. I'm so sorry to hear about all your aches & pains! I hope your shopping spree made you feel better and that you are feeling way better today! :love: What bag did you switch to?
  13. Hehe, I am using my Bh and it has all the junk in it that I was carrying around in Mahina but its much lighter.

    I think I need to go get a Damier Neverfull.....good idea, right guys?! lol
  14. ^^Most definitely! You need to get the GM one! :tup:
  15. You should definitely get the Damier Neverfull, for medical reasons of course. :graucho: