MAHINA XL Black Denim or Leather

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  1. Does anyone know where I can still find a MAHINA XL hobo in Black Denim or leather??? Thanks for the help!!! Here is a photo from my wishlist , its the leather version:

  2. I saw all the sizes at the LV in Beverly Hills
  3. There was a black denim one on a couple weeks ago...i think it's gone now but you can go check out the website from time to time
  4. I personally like the Denim more...
  5. yes! I agree with you! That was my first choice...but it's so hard to find now...=(
  6. I'm pretty sure a bunch of LVs still should have the XL in leather. Not sure about the denim. Have you seen either in person yet? The Mahina leather is TDF
  7. no I have not~!!! But hopefully next week when I go shoppin for my mom's LV xmas surprise I can take a look~!

    I plan to buy her a Montaigne Bowling GM in black or casis~~~

    what do you think?