Mahina...which size?

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  1. Ok, so i thought i was finally done but just as always, you think you may be done with handbags for the year and then you find the one that steals your breathe away

    i am in love now with the Mahina:heart::heart:...yes the Mahina. There is just something about captivating.....

    But...i am torn on which size to get.
    I am hoping to hear your recommendations and see modeling comparison pictures.

    I am 5'5 and not petite at all. actually more on the plump

    Thanking you in advance!!!
  2. I just got my Mahina L today in Gris Elephant and I am in LOVE...!I am 5'8 and I think It is a big bag .....Have you tried any on...?
  3. Large is the best size

  4. i have yet to try one one. planning a trip this week. hopefully i will get to play and see what size is best.

    is it a heavy bag?

  5. oh, thank you for your response beljwl :flowers:
  6. I agree. :tup:
  7. I'm also 5' 5" and on the plump side as well. I bought the Mahina L in Noir around December and it's the perfect size for me. I'd tried on the XL and thought it was a little too big. You should go and try on the bag for yourself. It's a big investment, so it's best to see it in person.
  8. I'm 5'6" and have the L. It's the perfect size IMO.
  9. I am 5'6", always wear heels & prefer the XL! My real favourite is the gris XXL!
  10. In my L I have the insolite,yellow epi agenda ,LV make up bag and hermes picotine and a hermes note book and it is quite heavy...If I got the XL I would just fill it up and with 2 bulging discs that is not an option..!
  11. I'm 5'5" and thin/average (112 lbs) -- I have the L -- it's big but not in a bad way -- the XL was overwhelming on me.
  12. I agree about the L!
  13. I think the L is the perfect size! You should def. try them on though if you think you'll have doubts!

    No, I don't think the L is.

    Good Luck deciding!
  14. #14 Jan 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
    I got the Mahina L and love it. It's the best bag ever!! It's lightweight and smooshy, so if you like a structured bag, probably not the one for you. I am curious about the XL, when I tried it on at the store, I thought maybe it was too huge, but I still think about it :smile:

    Good luck with your decision!
  15. I love the XL!