Mahina Prices & Sizes

  1. Hi all,

    Just curious...what are the prices of the Mahina? And does anyone know the approximate sizes of the XL and XXL?
  2. i believe xl is 3000 and xxl is 3700. according to xl is: 5.9"x12.8"x29.5" and xxl is: 11.4"x16.5"x32.2"
  3. Uh-oh, Twiggers....has the LV bug come back to bite you back into the fold? LOL The Mahina is sooooo gorgeous ---- saw the XXL in both colors IRL and man, they are fantabulous, if there is such a word! The XXL, however, is HUGE --- but what a piece of art! If I could get away with carrying the XL and had more growth on my money tree (haha), I would be calling my SA to get me one or two of these beauties!
  4. I really love the look of them!!! Thanks for the info!

    IDK though 3K is a huge chunk of change....I was trying to convince hubby to buy me a black baby cabas from Chanel for 2K and he wasn't liking that price LOL

    Why oh why is LV leather so expensive LOLOL Chanel sounds reasonable now LOL
  5. I agree --- $3K is definitely a huge chunk of change for this LV leather bag, but it is soooo gorgeous. However, given the chance, I would go for this blue Chanel bag that I've been eying at the boutique which is considerably less than $3K --- okay, just $500 less. (Don't shoot me, people!) LOL I agree --- the Mahina prices make Chanel sound reasonable.:p
  6. It is gorgeous.....but yikes....a black baby cabas is probably around the same price and is only 2K. Shoot....IDK....maybe in the future I can snag a used one for cheaper :smile: