Mahina or Sprouse collection?

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  1. Good day to all.

    I am now deliberating whether to get a Mahina L or a bag each from the Rose and Graffiti series. I have been wanting to get the Mahina L and when I finally have saved up enough for one, the Sprouse collection was released and I gotta admit that I do like the pink graffiti.

    Any advice? Thank you very much.:smile:
  2. Mahina L, I always choose a leather bag over anything canvas...
  3. I'd vote for Mahina for sure
  4. Love the Mahina but if it's a choice I would vote for Sprouse!
  5. Sprouse.
  6. I love the sprouse collection, but if you can only afford one bag, you will probably find that the mahina is more versatile.
  7. Mahina. You will love your Mahina 20 years from now.
  8. Mahina for me too... good luck!
  9. Since you have been saving for it, I say the mahina. However, I really am starting to love LE or seasonal pieces so that is what I would go for!
  10. i have to say mahina too. It is much more timeless and less trendy.
  11. +1
  12. I love the pink graffiti and the mahina. Thats a very tough choice. Which one are you going to get more use out of? The mahina can pretty much go anywhere, the graffiti is very loud and may not be appropriate for as many occations.
    There is always going to be the newest trend from LV that everyone is going to want. Remember when everyone was going nuts over the watercolor??
  13. Tough decisions - my heart says get the Sprouse now and my head says get the Mahina - all leather, classic and in nice useable colours.
    Sprouse will be a nice collectible as well so I guess if you can get it now and then save again for Mahina that would be the ideal choice.:graucho:
  14. I agree!!:yes:
  15. Mahina!! Better investment IMO.