Mahina or Empriente? Please vote!

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  1. I have taken a break with LV since a couple of years ago, and now ready for a comeback! I've been admiring the Mahina leather and have wanted a Mahina L for a long time, but am worried I can't really wear it for work, so I'm considering a Cirrus PM instead. Until I stumbled upon the gorgeous Empriente speedy on the official LV website. And now I'm torn >_<

    I have a few questions for each and will be grateful for some advice/insights:

    Cirrus PM
    Unfortunately, I don't find many modeling pics on the forum. To the owners of Cirrus PM, what do you like and dislike about it? The base looks kinda broad to me but I guess it does slouch and sag when it's not full? I have the chance to get a preloved coquille or opal cirrus - between the two, which would be closer to the biscuit shade? I've not seen them IRL so it's a bit hard to compare.

    Empriente speedy
    LOVE the bright Orient! Is the speedy B 25 Empriente any bigger than the mono speedy 25? I had a speedy B 25 in mono but sold it as it's a little too small for me. But the speedy 25 Empriente looks so elegant and pretty! I've downsized my collection quite a bit and the only speedy I own at the moment is the white watercolor speedy 30. So maybe a speedy 25 in Empriente would be a nice change?

    Decision, decision!
  2. Cirrus - Opal is closer to Biscuit than Coquille. However, it's less beige and more neutral.

    Empreinte Speedy 25 - Exact same size as mono Speedy 25 and Speedy B 25. Get the Speedy 30 if you think 25 is too small but 30 is not as comfortable as a crossbody.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you Minty Candies that's good to know!
  4. I should add that I have a Balenciaga city in Latte. I read that opal has green undertone? Worried it may be too close to my Bal. If anyone has seen both colors IRL please share your thoughts! Cheers!
  5. the speedy emp is a bit bigger, you feel it in the opening of the bag
    and it is heavier but boy, it's a beautiful bag - there are coupl of yt
    I watched comparing canvas to emp speedy that really helped me
    I did buy the l which I wanted for a long time but I tent to use the speedy more
    if that helps. if you want I can find the video that helped me
  6. I have owned both and still have my Emp. Speedy 30 - it's a perfect size, IMO, and Emp. leather is so beautiful and durable. I do love Mahina leather, too, but prefer the L over the Cirrus.
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    Great to see you back!

    Empriente. Mahina is being discontinued. I already think it looks a bit dated so I feel like perforated logos will look even more so in light of LVs usage of more luxurious leathers of late. But if you love it, now is the time to snag it!
  8. I LVoe empreinte! I would get an empreinte speedy!
  9. I love my Empreinte Speedy. I have the 30 in Infini and do not find it too big at all....and I'm only 5'2" and 115 pounds. The bag is super functional and oh so beautiful!
  10. I love my emp speedy 25 (aurore) and I've been carrying it non stop for a while now. I even leaned to downsize what I carry everyday and regular speedy 30 feels too big!
    I was carrying it with handles with shorter strap hanging, but the long strap comes in so handy specially when I have to go to kids school or kids birthday parties etc (I had to go 5 of them in the last 3 weeks!) but pretty light weight and it fits quite a bit, it feels bigger than my murakami cherry speedy 25! :smile:
  11. Never really liked the cirrus- the L is more pleading, but all told, id have to go with the speedy emp! I had a tough time deciding between the sc and the speedy emp, but if it was between the mahina and speedy emp, it would've been an easier decision- definitely speedy emp!
  12. Thanks everyone! Seems like emp speedy is so much more popular here! :biggrin: appreciate the comments!
  13. I vote for the Empreinte speedy :smile:
  14. +1
  15. If u found the regular 25 small u will feel the same about the Emp. It may be slightly bigger but not by much. Also the handles for some reason are placed lower on the Emp 25, which makes it tough to carry in the crook of the arm. Im 5"6 and thin and it just looked silly on me like a child's lunchbox. On someone very small and petite with little to carry it might b ok.

    I have the Emp 30 and I can tell you that the leather is tougher than mahina. Ive used mine in the rain too and it just wipes off. Other leathers u have to protect. It is the perfect size not too large not too small. Spend the extra to get the 30, you won't b sorry.