Mahina L or XL Question

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Sep 2, 2007
Hi all! I've not been here in a while. I have a question. I bid on and won an auction for a purse carried by a character on a TV series which came to an end. I received it today. It turns out to be a Mahina L or XL (I think L). It is a beautiful bag with all the hardware marked with "Louis Vuitton" or "LV."

The date code is inside the pocket, but it is on a piece of leather, not ghost stamped as I have seen in photos I have searched today. The code shows it made in France in January of 2007, if I decoded VI0017 correctly.

Did Louis Vuitton ever put date codes on leather on this bag in 2007? Thank you!

Vuitton  - 2.jpg Vuitton  - 1.jpg Vuitton  - 3.jpg
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