Mahina in ?

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  1. In the Mahina club thread people were talking about the bag coming in XXL size. Is that size still available and in every color?

    I am 6 foot tall and could probably carry off a XXL, but will settle for a XL. I am asking for this bag for my b-day in a few weeks and I want to make sure I tell my hubby exactly which one to get.

    Also I am so conflicted on what color to get! I am thinking either biscuit, bronze or the elephant gris...(but I do LOVE the black).

    I have suhali's in black (lockit pm) and white (le fab) and many monogram and damier pieces, so I feel like the other colors would be good for my collection? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...Thanks!!
  2. my name is nicole 2 and i love anywho i haven't seen the xxl online so i'd call the for color i say..biscuit....happy b-day!
  3. I like the Gris one or the brown don't know the name of the colour!
  4. I love all three colors you mentioned. I have an L in elephant grey and I love it. Biscuit is also gorgeous but more fragile. Bronze is stunning and goes with everything. But you might want to wait untill the new colors arrive. Not that this will make it any easier.
    I didn't help you very well, did I? You just have to go through it like the rest of us did. Thinking and trying and thinking and trying and buying and still thinking of the one you didn't buy ...:nuts:
    All crazyness aside, considering your collection I would go for biscuit. You have a lot of dark colors so it would be a wonderfull addition.
  5. Xl in biscuit is TDF! The black is also a color you can't go wrong with!
  6. I've got to vote for biscuit as well. I love that color. (Although, I don't own it)
  7. Gris in XXL is amazing if you can still find it.
  8. Biscuit or grey
  9. Big fan of the Biscuit!
  10. biscuit or grey
  11. I Love mahina and have the XL and L. About the color, you have to decide yourself. Because everybody have they're own preference.

    I'm personally love gris( have it in L size) and noir (have it in XL)
    Elephant gris and biscuit is a very good color but for me the beauty will shine only outdoor. Indoor for me the biscuit is a bit to yellow (mustard yellow) and the elephant gris is not much different than black.

    Black in the other hand is very subtle and not many people will know your bag is LV because the perfo is not really shown.

    Bronx is very unique color and I have to pass on this because I never see bronx in person.

    Anyway either one will be good choice so Good luck ;).
  12. The XXL is available online in black!

    In the XL my vote is for Chocolate or Gris!

    GL deciding!
  13. For me, I think since the coolest part about the Mahina is the perforations, I like to be able to see them. In the darker colors you cant, so I vote for gris!!
  14. I love any size Mahina in Biscuit!!
  15. Did I see the mahina in a burgundy color or was it a different bag?