Mahina Hina Magnet repair

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  1. I have read that a lot of people say their Mahina Hina PM or MM magnet does not stay closed. Mine stayed close so I really didn’t know what they were talking about until I got a second Mahina Hina MM that did not stay closed. The magnet used to be smaller and weaker but they have rectified this situation, and you can send your bag off for repair. Sadly, I had to say goodbye temporarily to my beautiful black Mahina Hina MM while she goes away to summer camp, hopefully to return safely in a few weeks.

    I will post photos of the magnets so you can see that the new ones are just a little bit thicker and much stronger.
    New Magnet:

    Old magnet:

    Photos of the fraternal twin sisters. I like them cinched in versus open. The leather on the cream one is much more structured. The black one is only a few months old but so soft it wants to fall over.
    9DD6B0FC-8B7B-4EF3-AB55-1B5618FE3385.jpeg 5D14494F-4A2D-4BAA-BA14-F4CC226B18A6.jpeg

    And here is what they look like open: 2E4E9B33-2B53-4761-9AF4-386C5DBC1EEE.jpeg

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  2. I received an email stating my black mahina hina has been repaired and is on her way back to me!
  3. I just got a call from LV stating my bag was deemed defective so I get a credit. I went ahead and ordered another of the exact same - a black mahina hina MM tote. I debated whether to order a capucine, but I think it is less practical. So many choices - it was a tough decision!!
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  4. This bag is so gorgeous. Can it be worn on the shoulder with the handles? Mod shots would be great if you have time.
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    Yes I can wear the tote on my shoulder. I can post mod shots of the cream that I have, but they have to order the black.

    I don’t own a Neverfull, so when I found this style, I thought it fits the same needs but in a dressier different way.
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  6. I literally threw on a summer beach dress with a sweater over it for photos so please excuse my overall look. I was lounging at home in sleep attire after a busy week of work and family. I am 5’3” or 160 cm. 8697D4DB-4408-49A7-B70F-F939322E90FE.jpeg 047FF29F-F6FF-4AD9-9B04-5817CF3E1040.jpeg 66136EFD-B42F-40ED-BB49-B04E02ACE966.jpeg C3DF7A38-09EA-4D28-92CF-00A916E80893.jpeg
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  8. Lovely on you! I wonder how much smaller is the PM size..? Not sure why we don’t have the MM size in AU...
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  9. Thank you! I had the PM size at one point. It is impossible to shoulder carry - the straps are too short. Also, it has a funny shape when you try to snap it shut.

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  10. 5B665FFB-C4DD-44DA-B281-4988DC33E8A9.jpeg
    Thank you! I may have to rule it out... This photo looks good though, but I trust the thoughts of those who had/have it more... so thank you!
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  11. Thanks so much. It looks amazing on you. I don’t own Neverful either, prefer leather, but love totes. I never really considered this bag. Beautiful.
  12. I just noticed that too. I went looking for it after seeing @gettinpurseonal pics. Ugh.
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  13. I tried the pm in store. It is tiny, and awkward to carry.
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  14. Yes, it is so cute! But as vinbenphon1 said, it is difficult to contort into the hobo shape, and really no way to carry it by the tiny handles. It’s easier to wear crossbody, but difficult to get closed into the right format each time.

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  15. Thank you, both! Will give it a pass then! My hunt continues for a mahina...