Mahina Dilemma

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  1. I’m about to take the plunge and purchase a Mahina L but I’m torn on which color to purchase. Should I purchase the Mahina L in black or burgundy? Please provide your thoughts.
  2. I say go with the Black. I'm not a fan of the burgundy color.
  3. I personally like the burgundy, but black would be more practical--it goes with everything! Black gets my vote! Have fun deciding!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  4. Black! And congrats!
  5. I want one! Go for the noir;)
  6. Black!
  7. black!
  8. black it goes with everything
  9. Black cause it goes with everything!
  10. Another vote for the black! I have the Amelia clutch wallet in the Burgundy and love it, but the color isn't as versatile.
  11. Burgundy! You can always get a basic black bag. Also, the black Mahina is the bag that shows the Mahina design the least. The Mahina design shows up so beautifully on the other colors. If you're in the US, make up your mind, there are not that many available.

  12. ita
  13. ^^^me too!!

  14. I had to order my Mahina L black from Las Vegas, they didn't have any it where I live! YOu better hurry if you want the black, they are not planning to restock this color on line, and there were 13 in US-minus mine. So I don't even know where the numbers are at right now! I love the black Mahina, L, it is suble, but it won't be subtle when you carry it. It's gorgeous, I've been carrying mine all weekend since I got it on SAt!
  15. Black...goes with everything.