Mahina Blanc L & Taupe XL-photo comparison

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  1. Hi everyone - just thought I'd upload some pics to help show the contrast in perforation visibility in a lighter coloured Mahina and a darker one. (One pic with flash and the other without)

    Hope this helps those of you out there who are pondering what to get.;)

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  2. ^ your taupe looks like Gris Elephant. Thanks for pics. Nice :P
  3. I agree. My taupe look more greyish.
  4. #4 Sep 14, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2010
    How embarrassment!
    Sorry people this is the Elephant Gris -- I was originally going to use my cousin's Taupe and changed my mind last minute!

    Thanks for the correction!

    Can't find the EDIT button for my first post -- how do I change the title of this thread?
  5. ^ ha ha...don't worry about it. When they come in, they will see all our post :P